kind words for yomi l’oscura terra dei morti by ?alos!

from incendiary mag.

There’s something incredibly exciting when music is approached in a manner, or with an ambition that you hadn’t really been able to figure out before: this is one of those strange results where there’s an element that sounds fresh and original, despite the fact that serious types indulging in recording industrial noises and whipping guitar samples within an inch of their life are a pound to a penny these days. Maybe it just goes to show that there’s a hell of a lot more in your sensory armoury than gets tested.

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pan y rosas discos release yomi, l’oscura terra dei morti by ?alos!


hey everyone, as a treat for the winter solstice pyr releases some avant doom courtesy of ?alos!

yomi, l’oscura terra dei morti acts as a bridge between what ?alos was and what it is becoming. the first two songs are new versions of old songs; re-played and re-sung in a way that is closer to ?alos’ live sound. her voice is more aggressive and the guitar more abrasive. the third song, panas, will appear again on ?alos’ next album, era, but it appears here remixed by kawabata makoto of acid mothers temple who transferred ?alos’ original recording to an analogue tape and then added layers of his own guitar, tambura, and sitar to it.

additionally yomi… sees ?alos’ focus transition from the role of woman in the social context of her work to that of woman as shaman; a keeper of secrets – nature’s secrets, herbal secrets, afterlife’s secrets, birth and death’s secrets. roles that have been forgotten – misrepresented by a patriarchal and christian concept of progress. these women were accused of witchcraft, persecuted and driven to the underground, and thus often forgotten.

?alos is musician/experimental performer stefania pedretti’s solo project that began in 2003. her performances blur the lines between performance art, experimental music, improvisation, video art and force the audience to actively participate. the feminine figure and its role in history and contemporary society is at the heart of her performances.

yomi, l’oscura terra dei morti was originally released by bar la muerte records in 2010. this is the third of three ?alos reissues.

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