the rories

political art brain noise punk that evolved from its humble garage rock origins.

the first five records were recorded by keith helt as a one person garage rock band between 2000 and 2003. lo fi. home recorded. four track epics. the fifth, the inner workings of, was recorded after a stint in a full band.

eric es and alex morales joined the rories in 2004. this line-up of the rories recorded three albums and a single starting with the rise and fall of. their sound was initially inspired by gang of four, sonic youth, the minutemen, new model army, wire, etc. over time they came to be more influenced by the likes of fela kuti and can.

in 2007 eric left the band for professional pursuits and jesse levine took over on bass. for the next year the band explored more free and open styles and improvisation became a crucial element of the music. this lineup was brief as jesse had to return to his native land of canada at the end of 2008.

albums from pyr
pyr098 the rories – implode
pyr026 the rories – defeat the hydra
pyr019 the rories – la via muerte
pyr016 the rories – live the dream
pyr015 the rories – and then
pyr014 the rories – allen ginsberg
pyr013 the rories – the rise and fall of
pyr010 the rories – the inner workings of
pyr009 the rories – four in one combine
pyr004 the rories – reach for a star and fail
pyr003 the rories – break up and try again
pyr002 the rories – fuck you we’re the rories
pyr001 the rories – explode

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