pan y rosas release entrance to hades by alexei borisov and jelena glazova

Alexei Borisov was born in Moscow on December 7, 1960 and graduated from the Moscow State University where he studied History and Arts. His controversial performing career as a guitarist began in 1980 in the new-wave group, Center. The following year he formed the mod-band, Prospekt, which transformed into the shifting Notchnoi Prospekt in 1985. After the dissolution of Notchnoi Prospekt in the mid 1990s, he surfaced again in the “noise reconstruction and techno acoustics” duo F.R.U.I.T.S. with Pavel Zhagun as well as in various art/noise/industrial/impro acts like Sever, Joint Committee, Atomic Bisquit Orchestra, New Russian Alternative, Gosplan trio and more. He is a co-founder of the N&B Research Digest label and curates the international festival of experimental music, Noise and Fury. He also works as a DJ in clubs and on various radio stations in Russia and abroad.

Jelena Glazova is a sound/visual artist and poet from Riga, Latvia. She works in interdisciplinary areas of contemporary art – combining image, poetic text, experimental sound and installation in her pieces and performances. Her sphere of activity in experimental music is drone/noise, usually constructed from processed vocals. As a conceptual artist she relies on her voice as a generator, heavily altering and manipulating it through digital processing. She considers this destruction of the vocal element as a way of expressing unpronounced speech – connecting it with her practice as a poet. As a visual artist, Jelena works with physicality which extends her sound art paradigm.

Their first album as a duo for pan y rosas was recorded in Moscow and Riga in 2023 with tapes, electronics, processed vocals, laptops, and controllers. The sound contains long form drone electronics with squelches, bends and swells.

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