pyr324 Reversed Bear Trap – Psionic Youth

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Ships Move (That’s Why They’re Called Ships)

I Downloaded Your House!

XXXTentacion in the Bardo

Psionic Youth

American Pop (Here Come the Noize Bois)

Weather Prophet

Book of Hours

Tetsuo and the Drainers 3

release date: August 4, 2023.

This is the label debut of Reversed Bear Trap, a musical project that draws upon samples to blur the boundaries between mainstream pop and experimental noise music in order to explore what we can learn from sampling. Psionic Youth in particular blends pop rap, synthpop, techno, noise and black metal in a disorienting, chaotic blend that will hopefully at the very least make the listener smile as they recognize familiar sounds in new contexts.

Reversed Bear Trap: samples, production, modular synth, autism
Evan Pincus: Executive producer, additional autism
Melani Muratore: album art

Reversed Bear Trap on pyr

01. Ships Move (That’s Why They’re Called Ships) 02. I Downloaded Your House! 03. XXXTentacion in the Bardo 04. Psionic Youth 05. American Pop (Here Come the Noize Bois) 06. Weather Prophet 07. Book of Hours 08. Tetsuo and the Drainers 3

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