pyr325 Keith Helt – Divide the sky

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Experience this body

Dispersed potential

Biologic scale of time

Six of cups


Muscle in chest

Who made this and for who

release date: December 1, 2023.

All words and music by Keith Helt.
Recorded between June 2022 and May 2023.
Mixed between June and August 2023.

keith helt on pyr

01. Experience this body 02. Dispersed potential 03. Biologic scale of time 04. Six of cups 05. Conservatory 06. Muscle in chest 07. Who made this and for who

* Assata’s Daughters is a grassroots intergenerational collective of radical Black women located in the city of Chicago. We identify our work as part of the larger Black Lives Matter movement. Our programs aim to escalate, deepen, and sustain this movement for collective liberation.


Experience this body
Blood furtive, a ruptured tissue
I want this out of my body
you are tar to be emptied
I want this out of my body
sensitive gums, a fear of disease
rotting, grafted, teeth falling out

this body has moved beyond desirability
brief, that window closed
desire remains, a concept, abstract – not to be expressed

to disconnect from this body
to unidentify with this body
to not feel sadness when this body sees this body
to accept this body as this body is

what is it to experience this body
without the gaze and guilt of capital

Dispersed potential
in memory my body is warm
breathe in and breathe out
breathe in and breathe out
moments pass
this moment has passed
foxing in both shape and form
it goes unnoticed
disappearing in tall grass

all that remains
lines and symbols
geometric patterns
tremendous beauty

what is my breath
a haze of seeds
dispersed potential
soft breeze and sunlight
water through stone
and stone through water

all that remains
lines and symbols
geometric patterns
tremendous beauty

the form that remains
outside of time
separated in circles
unchain the chain

all that remains
lines and symbols
geometric patterns
tremendous beauty
written in stone
spanning endless
dividing the sky

Biologic scale of time
sing to the earth
lay peace upon the ghost

grow grass tall
for the insects that sing at night

ripple in growth
scattered in the wind

a new bloom
dancing the trees

roots into water
roots into earth

for now there is now
the biologic scale of time

beautiful and hateful
a wall of tree and cloud

Six of cups
the crucible of non-routine
an ongoing state of encounter
not an island, but something worse
a bruise of unknown origin

birds light broken soft long flight

hybrid cyborg something new
walk on earth and exist above
birds entangle a wind of words
the mundane wonder of every day

birds light broken soft long flight

moving beyond our concerns
moving beyond our consciousness
six cups open to the world
to be a part to be a node

birds light broken soft long flight

an afternoon storm
thunder and wind pass
smoke in the air
a remnant of rain in drips
breeze against the face and bare arms
calm of trees and grass, flowers, birds
all tranquility surrounded by a city
it is heard but not seen
joyfully alone

a river of small trees
tall grass in the breeze
the slant of the rain
the smell of the rain

Muscle in chest
blood blooms on white tissue
grip as intended, dry follicle skin
body secretion, liquid shit in the end
repeating spasm of muscle in chest
itches through body, scripts across surface
float above space that never sleeps
fulfill potential, be eaten, return to energy

this body connects to that one
that body connects to this one
all together as one
over the edge we go

Who made this and for who
a distance lost in smoke
sky, horizon, ground
blur together in gray haze

the crickets quiet and low
grateful for all insects that sing

leaves sing in friction with wind
trees silhouette against sunset

sheet rain and breeze on skin
blue glow through thinning clouds

over ocean, cloud to cloud
over water, flowers above
who made this and for who