pan y rosas release entrance to hades by alexei borisov and jelena glazova

Alexei Borisov was born in Moscow on December 7, 1960 and graduated from the Moscow State University where he studied History and Arts. His controversial performing career as a guitarist began in 1980 in the new-wave group, Center. The following year he formed the mod-band, Prospekt, which transformed into the shifting Notchnoi Prospekt in 1985. After the dissolution of Notchnoi Prospekt in the mid 1990s, he surfaced again in the “noise reconstruction and techno acoustics” duo F.R.U.I.T.S. with Pavel Zhagun as well as in various art/noise/industrial/impro acts like Sever, Joint Committee, Atomic Bisquit Orchestra, New Russian Alternative, Gosplan trio and more. He is a co-founder of the N&B Research Digest label and curates the international festival of experimental music, Noise and Fury. He also works as a DJ in clubs and on various radio stations in Russia and abroad.

Jelena Glazova is a sound/visual artist and poet from Riga, Latvia. She works in interdisciplinary areas of contemporary art – combining image, poetic text, experimental sound and installation in her pieces and performances. Her sphere of activity in experimental music is drone/noise, usually constructed from processed vocals. As a conceptual artist she relies on her voice as a generator, heavily altering and manipulating it through digital processing. She considers this destruction of the vocal element as a way of expressing unpronounced speech – connecting it with her practice as a poet. As a visual artist, Jelena works with physicality which extends her sound art paradigm.

Their first album as a duo for pan y rosas was recorded in Moscow and Riga in 2023 with tapes, electronics, processed vocals, laptops, and controllers. The sound contains long form drone electronics with squelches, bends and swells.

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pan y rosas release asymmetric modes by jukka-pekka kervinen

Jukka-Pekka Kervinen (1961) is a Finnish composer, writer and musician. He plays free improvisation with electronics, (live) coding, electric guitar, piano, clarinet, and synths – modular/experimental. He lives in a small village, between two lakes, in the middle of the forest.

asymmetric modes is a series of improvised pieces created in 2022 and 2023 by Jukka-Pekka with guitar, trumpet and electronics.

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Library Experimental with Cinchel and Kathryn Schaffer – November 18, 2023

Library Experimental is an ongoing series focusing on Chicago’s experimental musicians. It is happening at the Chicago Public Library in Jefferson Park on Saturday, November 18 from 2-4pm, and features Cinchel and Kathryn Schaffer!

Early! Free! Kid friendly! If the kids are patient!

Jefferson Park library is located at 5363 W Lawrence. Convenient to both bus and blue line.

Cinchel is a sonic architect whose music transcends conventional boundaries, crafting ethereal soundscapes that transport listeners to distant realms of emotion and contemplation. Their sonic explorations push the boundaries of ambient, experimental, and post-rock genres, creating a mesmerizing tapestry of sound that resonates deeply with his audience.


Kathryn Schaffer is an ex-astrophysicist, ex-art-school-professor. Her recent projects include writing about quantum causality and building a sanctuary for endangered bumblebees in NW Illinois. In her music and experimental sound projects (often collaborative and seldom published) she pursues sound as desperate miscommunication. Cables die notes slip didn’t hit save on the current version. Dinner will be on the table in an hour and the laundry folded. Code and circuits are like fingers to the physicist and they too fumble, worn and tired. It is all noise.

This work, entitled “mommy have you ever lost your voice?” collides two electric guitars, live vocals, and recorded voice in co-interrupted coercion and miscommunicated care.

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Library Experimental with Hali Palombo and Meredith Haines – October 28, 2023

Library Experimental is an ongoing series focusing on Chicago’s experimental musicians. It is happening at the Chicago Public Library in Jefferson Park on Saturday, October 28 from 2-4pm, and features Hali Palombo and Meredith Haines!

Early! Free! Kid friendly! If the kids are patient!

Jefferson Park library is located at 5363 W Lawrence. Convenient to both bus and blue line.

Hali Palombo is an avid practitioner of “plunderphonics”: sampling existing musical/aural works and intertwining them into something brand new, whether it’s shortwave radio and CB radio samples, wax cylinder audio, and field recordings taken from Midwestern points of interest. Through her music and art, she aims to make the perceived ordinary hypnotic, haunting and memorable.


Meredith Haines is a multidisciplinary artist and educator working with sound, installation, performance, and video. Her work engages the political capacities of sound, and explores noise as a method of social resistance. She has performed and exhibited work all over the country at venues such as No Nation, High Concept Labs, New Boone Gallery, AS220, Space 1026, and the DUMBO Dance Festival.

After earning a BFA in dance and choreography at Temple University and working as a musician in Philadelphia for over a decade, Meredith’s work led her to Chicago in 2019 to earn her Master’s in Sound Arts and Industries at Northwestern University on a merit scholarship. She is a current Fellow Artist-in-Residence at High Concept Labs in Chicago, Illinois, and also performs under the moniker, MAIR

pan y rosas release psionic youth by reversed bear trap!

Reversed Bear Trap is the musical side project of English PhD student Krista Muratore aka Krista Bloom. Krista Muratore is also a video artist, writer and general hooligan.

Psionic Youth is her first album on pan y rosas. It draws on samples to blur the boundaries between mainstream pop and experimental noise music in order to explore what we can learn from sampling. Psionic Youth in particular blends pop rap, synthpop, techno, noise and black metal in a disorienting, chaotic blend that will hopefully, at the very least, make the listener smile as they recognize familiar sounds in new contexts.

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pan y rosas release crossings by pascal pons and alistair zaldua

Pascal Pons is percussionist who is renowned as a soloist, ensemble player, pedagogue, and improviser. He is constantly searching for ways to rethink the percussion set-up to allow sound and resonance to be set free. This aesthetic and technical approach is apparent in percussive arrangements that range from the simple to the complex. He is active in commissioning and performing solo and concerto work with orchestra.

Alistair Zaldua is a composer, improviser and violinist based in Manchester, UK. In addition to solo improvisation, he performs in a duet for organ and live electronics with Lauren Redhead. His most recent projects involve duet improvisations with Alwynne Pritchard (Bergen), saxophonist Christoph Gallio (Aarau), percussionist Pascal Pons (Freiburg), Franziska Baumann (Bern), and with cellist Isidora Edwards.

crossings is the first album by Pascal Pons and Alistair Zaldua as a duo. It was recorded in the summer of 2022, in one take, with short pauses between each number, deep in the Black Forest.

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Library Experimental with [star] and Pastel Fractal – June 10, 2023

Library Experimental is an ongoing series focusing on Chicago’s experimental musicians. It is happening at the Chicago Public Library in Jefferson Park on Saturday, June from 2-4pm, and features [star] and Pastel Fractal!

Early! Free! Kid friendly! If the kids are patient!

Jefferson Park library is located at 5363 W Lawrence. Convenient to both bus and blue line.

[star] pronounced Hypothetical Star, was conceived by an Artist and a Satellite Engineer in New Mexico during Covid-19 lockdown.

They perform at venues with their original music, video projections, & lecture performance. In person [star] brings a touchable archive of lesser-known Space artifacts, musical instruments, and Space themed ephemera creating a Space peace jamm.

*Audience members are invited to cruise in an oral/drawn speculative future for Space exploration and related concerns and affinities. (e.g. Do you want to go to Mars?)


While Pastel Fractal is CAREfully rolling out the soft-hued data patterns (of Chicagoans, by bicycle, on floppy disks, and inspired by seashells), Pastel is just the keystone of a poly-disciplinary trifecta. This trifecta incessantly re-commissions obsolete creative tools, re-presents Chicagoans’ public-service rhetoric, and re-cursively unfolds a self-critical lifestyle dynamic punctuated by live multimedia performances, intricate M.I.D.I. compositions, and heavily branded objects + apparati. The persons known as “data_DISK jockey ȺƉǤ” and “Conch Shell” complete this trifecta.

pan y rosas release DJ Protestant by Violeta Garcia and Brice Catherin

Violeta García is a cellist, composer and curator from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She performs in many art forms including free improvisation, contemporary and trans-media experimental repertoire in violoncello and electronic music. In 2015 she founded a digital label and music series called TVL-REC, which is devoted to publishing new music, experimental groups and collectives from Latin America and organizing shows and festivals of noise and extreme music in Latin America and Europe.

Brice Catherin willingly stepped away from the contemporary music institutions in order to very freely develop a few activities: multi-instrumental cellist, improviser, composer and art performer. These activities feed into each another, so that beyond his multidisciplinary shows and improvised concerts, Brice has never stopped composing and premiering written pieces. Most of his recent projects explore the idea of democracy in art: the artists’ individual responsibilities and their place in the social group, as well as those of the members of the audience, are challenged and questioned.

Violeta and Brice brought their cello visions together for a freely improvised joint effort. Their first album as a duo is a unique trip of noise and extended string techniques in an immersive, dark winter. Fog, wood, and love surround these two Libra October-born, beautiful, humans.

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pan y rosas release fifty-one aural selfies // real time by Klaysstarr Nets

Klaysstarr Nets (Iain Findlay-Walsh he/him) is a sound artist, musician and writer based in Glasgow. He teaches sound art and experimental practice at the University of Glasgow.

His first album on pan y rosas discos is a nested problem that captures a listening process. A self-occupation and a form of dreaming. One that listens to solitary listening and documents life at close proximity. Restless street sounds turned inside out. Networks feel for a now that sings.

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