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jean dubuffet characterized art brut as:

pure and authentic creative impulses – where the worries of competition, acclaim and social promotion do not interfere.

of which this art brut trio is a shining example – no artistic or philosophical concept, just three raw improvisations by self-taught musicians. art brut’s music evokes the conversations of early humans. both their playing and their sound is free, intense and intuitive. a primal scream. a sound manifesto in which futile society’s game and fallacious parade are banished.

about the trio –

frank wilke’s first musical preferences in the mid sixties of the last century were acquired sitting cross-legged in front of a parental turntable player. even then, there was a strong interest in wind music. after a classical education on tenor saxophone in the 90’s and a prolonged musical sabbatical, he turned away from the saxophone and taught himself to play the trumpet around 2005. he eventually added the trombone and french horn to his repertoire and began to focus on free jazz. within this context his music is supported by a spontaneously designed compositional framework with an emphasis on formal details.

andré d. is a musician without borders. self-taught, motivated by atonal and improvised musics, he has been conducting sound experiments both in groups and solo situations since the end of the 90s. in 2011, he created his project “darius improvise” to produce and play free-form music (free-jazz, experimental, electro-acoustic, noise, improv, etc.) until now and meanwhile his new projects, several albums were published by europeans, australian and canadian netlabels. he is an active member of the soundcloud network where he collaborates with musicians exploring the whole world of possibilities created by the free exchange of digital files.

vasco ribeiro morais: born in lisboa, portugal. self-taught drummer. about the rest, music says more than words…

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