pyr006 los pilotos – ojalá

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los pilotos ojala 03 learning to breathe

los pilotos ojala 07 the morning after

los pilotos ojala 11 solo en la noche

los pilotos ojala 14 i know what yr feeling/desconocidos

ojalá is the first proper album from los pilotos. fourteen instrumental tracks recorded late at night in apartment bedrooms. thirty minutes of weirdo reverby moodiness, casios and drum machines, etc. all songs conceived and recorded in 2002.

01. yr tougher than i’ll ever be 02. happiness at what cost 03. spastic part 1 learning to breathe 04. my pulse severed 05. what’s left 06. reaching on understanding 07. the morning after 08. roto 09. driving at night looking cool 10. 1/3 water 11. solo en la noche 12. sleeping on the floor 13. what you learn i learn in bed 14. i know what yr feeling, desconocidos

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