pyr029 keji al feju – these warm patterns of naked stars

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[mp3-jplayer tracks=”stars led to sky@,
naked shine@, these smooth stamps tongues@, the warm design@, aerosol patterns@″]

these warm patterns of naked stars is the first album in the keji al feju tapes series. these recordings were all made between november 2008 and april 2009 and then cut, spliced and reassembled later in november of 2009. if yr into blissed out drones, free psych sound walls, improvised noise motorik madness, then you need this!

alex – drums, shouting
jim – bass, homemade strings, electronics
ferdi – trumpet, percussion, shouting
keith – guitar, keyboard, percussion, shouting
justin – guitar, drum machine, keyboard

1. stars led to sky 2. naked shine 3. these smooth maps tongue 4. the warm design 5. aerosol patterns

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