pyr059 900piesek/rbnx – prague bratislava

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900piesek – prague bratislava – prague

rbnx – prague bratislava – bratislava

air fades in to reverbed nothing, raw electricity underneath. metal chimes in a cathedral. space-ominous foreshadowing. melt/pierce into grind/crunch. buzzing drone and liquid metal over rocket roar. approach the forbidden planet and fall into the sun.

cycle pulse. swirl drone. quiet constructions behind the curtain. suspense in tight space. feed back restraint. black release catharsis.

prague documents a final incarnation of 900piesek as just after this performance all of his gear was stolen. the sounds that night will never be heard again. he would like to extend a special thanks to all of the people who have helped him start over!

music by:
900piesek and rbnx.

900piesek improvised and recorded at necropolis in prague. january 27, 2012.
rbnx improvised and recorded at fuga in bratislava. july 8, 2012.

01. prague 02. bratislava (01, 02, 03, 1234)

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