pyr074 andrea pensado – teraz, tak!


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[mp3-jplayer tracks=”teraz tak!@!%20%20-%20teraz%20tak!.mp3, duo with walter wright (bats from pogo)@!%20%20-%20duo%20with%20walter%20wright%20(bats%20from%20pogo).mp3, duo with davindar singh (CALMECAC)@!%20%20-%20duo%20with%20davindar%20singh%20(CALMECAC).mp3, duo with adriana de los santos@!%20%20-%20duo%20with%20adriana%20de%20los%20santos.mp3, duo with alexei borisov@!%20%20-%20duo%20with%20alexei%20borisov.mp3″]

music by:
andrea pensado – laptop powered with MaxMSP and voice on all tracks.
walter wright – touch sensitive electronics on track 2
davindar singh – baritone saxophone on track 3
adriana de los santos – piano on track 4
alexei borisov – guitar, voice, and electronics on track 5

teraz, tak! solo, recorded in salem, ma in december of 2012. duo with walter wright (bats from pogo) recorded live at rotunda, philadelphia, pa on january 6, 2013. duo with davndar singh (CALMECAC) recorded in cambridge, ma on february 27, 2013. duo with adriana de los santos recorded and mastered at libres studio in buenos aires, argentina. produced by sam nacht and esteban insinger. december, 2011. duo with alexei borisov recorded live at GEZ 21, st. petersburg, russia (special thanks to andrey popovsky and nick sudnik).

01. teraz, tak! 02. duo with walter wright (bats from pogo) 03. duo with davindar singh (CALMECAC) 04. duo with adriana de los santos 05. duo with alexei borisov

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