pyr080 al karpenter – remake


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[mp3-jplayer tracks=”monkey man ultimate stand (mr. smoky remix)@, we are not alone (part 1)@, surreal to real@, elektra lobel@, we were not alone (part 2)@, pablo picasso (live)@, kut/überman (live)@, signals (part 3)@, monkey man last ibiza stand (mr. smoky remix)@″]

remake – by al karpenter

performed by al karpenter – electronics, guitar, keyboards, lyrics, mixing, recording, vocals


daniel llaria – bass on track 4
el piñas – drums on track 4
hector rey – electronics and violin on tracks 2 and 10
mr. smoky – ibiza beats on tracks 2 and 10
miguel a. garcía (xedh) – electronics & keyboards on tracks 1, 2, 4, 6 and 10

all tracks written by al karpenter except track 7 written by j. cale/j. richman

01. return of the son of the chickenhead (daddy ff r&r remix by xedh) 02. monkey man ultimate stand (mr. smoky remix) 03. we are not alone (part 1) 04. surreal to real 05. elektra lobel 06. we were not alone (part 2) 07. pablo picasso (live) 08. kut/überman (live) 09. signals (part 3) 10. monkey man last ibiza stand (mr. smoky remix)

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