pyr0XX the rories – a softer side of the rories

currently unavailable
1. stereojam
2. become action
3. the means
4. old men
5. nights like this
6. summer breeze
7. filled with hope
8. delicacy and tact
9. the answer to all the questions
10. the mighty
11. destruction construction
12. breathing is natural
13. te vas a caer
14. you’ll come around
15. my last stand
16. farewell to democracy
17. i love her all the time
18. the sound of imminent revolution
19. what’s the point
20. perfect day
21. things we believe in
22. where have you been
23. you quarter to three

the fifth rories record, was primarily written, recorded, mixed in may – august of 2003 with some touch ups in 2004 after a mexico hiatus. all songs written by the rories except: i love her all the time by sonic youth and perfect day by lou reed.

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