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six­spot burnet is a recording of the first live performance of decker and booth under the name grykes. six­spot burnet, named for the visually striking red spotted zygaena filipendulae moth, is an open structure composition featuring analog modular synthesis, raw and processed field recordings, electronics, pre-­composed ambient textures, violin, and audio collage. the work has a fixed progression and form, and a closed set of materials, but is variable in the details of its live performance. this recording may be seen as a “snapshot” of the evolution of the piece as it is further developed.

all music by:
shawn decker and mark booth

performed on sunday october 13, 2013 at the empty bottle chicago
recorded and mixed by david zuchowski

this was the second set in articular facet 5.1

grykes on pyr

01. sixspot burnet

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