pyr171 los pilotos – cloud on clouds



fragments excavated from a crashed hard drive. reconstituted as best as they could. half-remembered. live instruments. collaged and chopped. a voice. words from life.

written, recorded, assembled by keith helt/los pilotos between 2008 and 2014.

face of light is for hathaway
silt gray stones and cloudyhead are for malcolm

drums on silt gray stones and n2a1r131 by alex morales
drums on cloudyhead from someone on soundcloud. i lost the information. apologies.

release date: january 4, 2016.

los pilotos on pyr

01. n2a1r131 02. face of light 03. nieblas matinales 04. silt gray stones 05. rompen las nubes 06. cloudyhead