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brain is not the place where thinking comes out – the doctor proclaimed in the japanese novel dogura magura. brain is a protein solid without nerve or sense. our spirit or living consciousness rests in each corner of our body. we can always feel that all our desires, emotions, wills, memories, judgments, faith, etc., equally scattered on each of our 30 million cells.

no-brain improvisation is an attempt to practice and prove what was told in dogura magura.

rules: do not use the brain during creation and performance – try to abandon all the concepts, aesthetics, logic, thoughts, judgments and decisions made by the brain. let body and instinct do the job. it’s like being in a daze or about to fall asleep.

the first live performance of this project happened at the end of each zooming night in september 2014, when everyone was exhausted and absent-minded – both the performers and the audience. invited musicians were li qing, liu xinyu and adam macgregor.

to listen to more of the no-brain improv live series, please go here.

this album is a solo recording during march to april of 2016.

graphic design by vavabond
mastered by li jianhong

release date: april 20, 2016.

vavabond on pyr

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