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Blue Amsterdam

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meeting under the influence of the philosophical text tractatus logicophilosophicus by wittgenstein, violinist gaëlle deblonde and musician and visual artist errika manta, searched to expand this text by transforming it into music. the fruit of this collaboration gave birth to a musical performance, tractatus 24.3, which took place at the msh (house of human sciences foundation) in paris, 2010, and led to an ongoing collaboration.

together they have participated in many experimental music festivals such as: ecouter / voir; digital music and interactions with gestures / sound / image; icmc/smc 2014; laboratoire d’acoustique musicale 50th anniversary celebration; official selection as part of jam (art and science days) festival in bourges, france.

the duo was invited by the artist, dina roussou, to participate in a residence, which was held at the gerrit rietveld academy (academy of fine arts) in amsterdam in october, 2011. the result of this residence was a musical performance called blue amsterdam.

blue amsterdam was recorded and mastered in amsterdam at gerrit rietveld academy (academy of fine arts), in october 2011 by errika manta.
np 2 was recorded in paris at lam (laboratoire d’acoustique musicale) in april 2014 by hugues genevois and mixed and mastered by errika manta.

release date: may 16, 2016.

gaëlle deblonde on pyr
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01. np 2 02. blue amsterdam