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release date: September 13, 2019.

500 million bees died in 3 months in Brazil and the future of food is in doubt. The support for the torture of those who steal chocolate is shocking. A Bahian researcher finds a pesticide substitute in eucalyptus leaves. Fires spread through the forests of the North and Midwest of Brazil and can even be felt in the sky of São Paulo. In 7 years, Brazil triples the number of registered organic farmers. There is no meat here. 80 shots. More serious than withholding taxes. Militias unite and become an “almost unique force.” Your phone may be killing bees. Students in black on the streets on September 7th. In the Brazil of “racial democracy,” a dog killed in a supermarket causes more commotion than a young black man whipped by security guards. The bitter return. Smoke from Africa reaches the Northeast and raises air pollution to a critical level. Pesticide poisoning increases with the government’s approval of toxic products. With new labor reform, the president wants to nullify union action. The colors of the Brazilian flag show that the “Amazon is ours.” Ecosocialism: an ideology that disguises itself as green in order destroy capitalism. The fourth industrial revolution and the future of the food industry. “Artificial sun”: How can nuclear fusion impact the future of energy?

HADRON is composed by combining subatomic particles with such a strength that they resemble the electromagnetic. A particle is not matter. What would be natural? Cuts. All sound can be cut off. Fake news. Imperialist ambitions. 15khz. The machines satisfy our bodies.

This album is the result of recordings from various places where I circulated during the first half of 2019: Silo — Arte and Rural Latitude, in Serrinha do Alambari; Binaural/Nodar, in Portugal; Sala Vazia in Fortaleza, Ceará, Brasil.

Forest, cicadas, radios, walkman, cell phones, refrigerator, computers, lights, flies, spiders, sheep, inaudible particles all inform HADRON.

art: simon fernandes ~
mix: bella ~
master: paulo dantas ~
text: bella and bernardo oliveira ~
labels: QTV (BR) + pan y rosas discos (USA) ~ 2019

bella on pyr

01. bug bites 02. diamagnetismo 03. nhii 04. preenchimento transitório 05. super strings 06. high fi 07. ubership 08. prei-prei 09. sting hit