pyr291 – ishmael ali / judith berkson / josh davidoff / ben zucker – anedition

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First Anedition

Second Anedition

Third Anedition

release date: April 15, 2020.

Detritus. Emissions. Ozone. Artifice. Tactful, inopportune nothing. An edition of a cross coastal electroacoustic collaboration, for one night only.

Ishmael Ali: cello, synths
Judith Berkson: voice, synths
Josh Davidoff: clarinet, electronics
Ben Zucker: trumpet, electronics

Mixing by Ishmael Ali
Mastering and album art by Ben Zucker

Recorded October 23 at Scholes Street Studio, Brooklyn, NY.

Ishmael Ali on pyr
Judith Berkson on pyr
Josh Davidoff on pyr
Ben Zucker on pyr

01. First Anedition 02. Second Anedition 03. Third Anedition

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