pyr294 nicolas tourney – intervisibility


[mp3-jplayer tracks=”Mutation@, Fuselage@, Supermarket Trolley@, Gagaku Tapes@, Broken to Echoes@, Avant-Plan@, Substratum@, Intervisibility@, New Lands@, Stacking@, Trait Oblique@, Exposed Frequencies@, Window on Courtyard @, Subsonic Idioms@, Moving Point@, Chromatic Field@, Night Chapel@″]

release date: June 15, 2020.

On Intervisibility, Nicolas turns his musical research towards something more bare – the loneliness of the sound. Influenced by different forms (Japanese Gagaku, Tibetan ritual, Confucian music, Korean shamanism) the music offers an opening within listening, a work based on reception and non-action.

Nicolas Tourney on pyr

01. Mutation 02. Fuselage 03. Supermarket Trolley 04. Gagaku Tapes 05. Broken to Echoes 06. Avant-Plan 07. Substratum 08. Intervisibility 09. New Lands 10. Stacking 11. Trait Oblique 12. Exposed Frequencies 13. Window on Courtyard 14. Subsonic Idioms 15. Moving Point 16. Chromatic Field 17. Night Chapel