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Flying With Dry Leaves

Flying With Dry

Flying With


release date: April 20, 2021.

In his new album, Flying With Dry Leaves, Orlando, in partnership with MakinaGuru (his notebook), takes a trip through the electric and upright bass and its multitude of sounds. Through poetic, free, open, and improvised expressions he seeks to take new paths to express his hope for clearer and freer days. There are four tracks that explore electronic textures and the sounds of daily life in times of seemingly eternal quarantine. Flying With Dry Leaves pays homage to those who are gone and the endless ways that life moves on, always moving forward. Orlando’s music is concerned with cultivating the beauty that exists in continuing to imagine days in which a better world is possible.

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01. Flying With Dry Leaves 02. Flying With Dry 03. Flying With 04. Flying