pyr307 Treebird – Treebird (ep)

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Marigold Blue

One Note


Day Emerged


release date: June 6, 2021.

This is Treebird’s debut album. It was improvised, recorded, and composed at a distance between March 2020 and March 2021 on walks and calls, in bedrooms and backyards.

Marie Finch – voice
Michiko Theurer – violin, found sounds, mixing, album art
Julie Herndon – harmonium, electronics, final mix and mastering
with AnnaMarie Ignarro – clarinet (track 3)

Marigold Blue 3’06” (harmonium, fiddle, voice)
One Note 2’ (voice, electronics)
Building 6’29” (clarinet, electronics, violin, found sounds) with AnnaMarie Ignarro, clarinet
Day Emerged 3’34” (harmonium, violin, voice)
Breathing 5’24” (harmonium, violin, voice, heartbeat)

Treebird on pyr

01. Marigold Blue 02. One Note 03. Building 04. Day Emerged 05. Breathing

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