pyr308 – philip corner – phoebe dances with philip

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Gong/Ear December 1991

Gong/Ear April 1992

Ear/Body November 1994

release date: June 21, 2021.

Three collaborations.

Phoebe Neville and Philip Corner began working together in September of 1991 shortly after Phoebe’s surgery for breast cancer. The first two performances took place when she was undergoing radiology/chemotherapy treatment. She completed her chemotherapy treatments one month after the second performance.

Ear/Body was performed one week after Philip Corner underwent surgery.

What is the interface between Art and Healing?

Philip Corner on pyr

01. Gong/Ear December 1, 1991 – Ethnic Arts New York City 02. Gong/Ear April 25, 1992 – Edens Expressway New York City 03. Ear/Body November 6, 1994 – Anthology Film Archives New York City