pyr311 Brice Catherin, Jacques Demierre, Anouck Genthon and Matthias Klenota – Baroque Summer

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As the naked shoulders of a young neighbor move in and out her window frame, while she rides a person or a thing in silence (the window is open and one can hear only the quiet rumble of Carouge during a typical August twilight) at a slow, sensual, and somehow melancholic pace, I am wondering how to introduce Baroque Summer. I had not played together for a while with Jacques. I sent him an email to find a day to record a new album of improvised music on ancient music instruments with guests. I invited the best women and men I knew for the job. Two of them only were free on that day. But what a bunch! Google them, check out their work, start a cult: they are wicked.

We met on the 22 July 2021, and played for most of the afternoon, except Anouck who could join only towards the end. We shared a spinet, a clavichord, a (baroque) violin, two piccolo violins (built by Robin Jousson) and a five-string cello (built by Robin Jousson too). We were Brice Catherin, Jacques Demierre, Matthias Klenota and Anouck Genthon (by order of arrival at the studio @ptt in Chêne-Bougeries, Switzerland). I recorded, edited, and mixed the improvisations, made the album cover and imposed the silly titles. – Brice Catherin

release date: September 13, 2021.

Brice Catherin on pyr
Jacques Demierre on pyr
Anouck Genthon on pyr

01. It sounds like we’re tidying up (A+B+J+M) 02. Matthias is possessed by Biber (B+J+M) 03. Alte Drohnen (B+J+M) 04. Jacques plays the clavichord (B+J+M) 05. L’envie de flan (A+B+J+M) 06. Together with a driller (B+J+M+ a driller) 07. Guts only (A+B) 08. Bonus track: Matthias! (M)

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