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Automatic Fruit

release date: April 8, 2022

Automatic Fruit
is a 23 minute electroacoustic piece by german sound artist Robert Stokowy who lives and works in Chicago.

The starting point to this work was a collection of sound recordings I made between 2019 and 2021. While earlier works of mine are rather densely composed and in a subtle way lively, here I wanted to go in another direction. Strip the recorded sounds to their bare bones, the brittle core. It’s an interesting process to shave off frequencies from the material until the sound becomes fragile. It was that point of fragility that interested me and was the leading motive and framework for the arrangement and mixing of the sounds.

I recommend that you listen to this piece via headphones at a volume that pleases you.

Material: found sounds; amplified guitar, cymbals & objects; voice.
Credits: recording, performance, and production – Robert Stokowy

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01. Automatic Fruit