alice hui-sheng chang


alice hui-sheng chang’s work focuses solely on developing extended vocal technique as a means for improvisation and communication. her vocal explorations include sound from varying tension of physical vocal parts, driving air into alternative passages and vibration of calls and breath. the physical sound produced by a mouth and throat organism, under no computer manipulation, is not only for the artist to be fully involved during performance, but also to challenge the listener with an intimate relationship while receiving. the results of these explorations create a delicate world of primal and vulnerable soundscapes.

albums from pyr
voices (with jason kahn)
embossed tales of throats (with rosalind hall)

albums from elsewhere
live at dotolim (with park seungjun and jin sangtae)
when she was asleep
micro (with piotr tkacz)
live at sdr (with 12 dog cycle)
in its inhuman brain it bears the whole of human history (with 12 dog cycle)

web presences
bandcamp with rosalind hall