pyr115 rosalind hall / alice hui-sheng chang – embossed tales of throats


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all music by rosalind hall and alice hui-sheng chang

01. sip tuck chorus 6.42
02. she with a slight tilt 20.29
03. crawling voices in relief 7.17

recorded 2011-12
constructed 2013-14

artwork by jess hall

attending to breathing spaces and mouth details, alice hui-sheng chang and rosalind hall experiment with abstractions of the voice and saxophone. challenging their instruments to produce extreme timbres and intimate textures, they use improvisation as their inspiration for performance and composition. in the six years of their collaboration, the pair has performed locally and internationally, released a cross-continent album and exhibited sound work for video art and multi channel installations.

on embossed tales of throats the duo continues to develop a strong improvised language that pushes and pulls at sound playing in and outside of each other, at the acoustic resonances of their instruments and bodies, at their shared performance histories and at creating electrified playing experiences. the duo also investigates the use of both tape and digital recording technologies and various microphones to create changing impressions of their sounds and inspiration for new gestures.

rosalind hall on pyr
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