Anouck Genthon

Born in France, Anouck Genthon is a violinist, improviser and ethnomusicologist based in Geneva (CH). She anchors her work in the development of her own improvised language through the experience of sound and listening. She likes to engage in transversal forms of research forms and she plays in various contexts at the crossroads of improvised, experimental, contemporary, electroacoustic and traditional music through different projects from solo to large ensembles. Her work is published by Newwaveofjazz, Another Timbre, Confront Recordings, UNRec, Insub. Records, Le petit label, Thödol, Gamut Edition. She is a member of @ptt collective (promotion of acoustic art in the fields of music, language and visual arts) and Insub. in Geneva. She is the author of “Fictation” (Gamut, 2020) and “Tuareg Music. From political symbolism to aesthetic singularization” (L’Harmattan, 2012).

albums from pyr
pyr311 – Baroque Summer (with Brice Catherin, Jacques Demierre, and Matthias Klenota)

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photo by Raphaëlle Mueller