pyr036 catholic witches – dragons and words

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dragons and words. the first album from the free noise duo of keith and alex. they both played together for years in the rories and it shows. a true combination of their own personalities. dragons of disgust is a monolith of crushing feedback drone, loops, and metallic percussion. in stand upon words stabs of harsh electronics and smears of expressive noise collide with free drums and percussion. this album was recorded live in the practice space after everyone had gone home and the lights were turned down low.

tracks 1-2 recorded september 10, 2008. track 3 recorded september 30 2008. keith – drums, guitar. alex – drums, electronics.

tracks 5-8 recorded february 16, 2009. keith – drums. alex – guitar.

01. dragons of disgust part 1 02. dragons of disgust part 2 03. dragons of disgust part 3 04. stand upon words part 1 05. stand upon words part 2 06. stand upon words part 3 07. stand up on words part 4

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