pyr038 snorkel quintet – 3

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snorkel quintet – 3 – leviatan a

snorkel quintet – 3 – leviatan b

the third release from the snorkel quintet! broken into two tracks the album begins as a mellow motorik groove that takes its time arriving at its center, where the quintet stretches out and conducts electro-acoustic alchemical experiments. slowly a groove returns but this time it’s more sinister, noisy and loosely held together. science fiction free music!

the session was recorded at LAKarraka in february of 2011. gabriel millán: synthes, voces. martin del litto: synthes, voces, percusiones. diego caicedo: guitarra, flautas, voces. carlos edelmiro: bajo, elementos electronicos-acusticos. oscar durán: bateria, percusiones.

01. leviatan a 02. leviatan b

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  1. Carlos Garcia Pino

    Muchas gracias por permitir el acceso a la musica…. esta bien bacano y bien interesante . Q sintes usaron?
    Thanx again

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