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artists’ notes:

Surely what drew me to Indonesia was the gamelan. A connection through years of practice with the New York new-music group “Son Of Lion.” And there I met three marvelous musicians and played with them, drawn together by shared mind-in-the-moment music making – the only way it becomes an “universal language.”


box 1
ears/bodies in surakarta
improvisation with:
yasudah s. – on his home-made percussion instruments (yasfon and yastick) and kitchen implements
susana miranti kroeber and phoebe neville – dancing
april 18, 1997

01. april 18, 1997 02. may 3, 1997 [mp3-jplayer tracks=”ears/bodies in surakarta 1@″]


He first found me… moving with his drums across the pendopo at the Arts Academy in Surakarta to where I was with my gongs – a little private duo in the mass movement of a session with Suprapto. We continued, of course. And still do (over the distance). Luckily we had our wives to dance with – musicians of the body. At-home performances just-for-us. Preserved miraculously.


box 2
gong/body/voice in jakarta with restu
restu kusumaningrum – dancing and singing
philip corner – gongs (collection of tony prabowo)
july 12-16, 1996

01. july 12, 1996 part 1 02. july 12, 1996 part 2 03. july 12, 1996 part 3 04. july 13, 1996 part 1 05. july 13, 1996 part 2 06. july 15, 1996 07. july 16, 1996 [mp3-jplayer tracks=”gong/body/voice in jakarta 1@″]


As you can hear, she sings too as she moves. Imagine her dance as beautiful as her voice… and as she is.

The benefit of a week of friendship which included the visit to her uncle Ari and his fields of red bamboo!


box 3
jakarta and jalu, plus phoebe
improvisations with:
jalu pratidina – percussion
phoebe neville – dancing
philip corner – percussion
april 22-23, 1996

01. april 22, 1996 – percussion and rain 02. april 23, 1996 – percussion, voicings, ankle bells, leaves [mp3-jplayer tracks= “jakarta and jalu plus phoebe 1@”]

Jalu K DB salihara

He was well-known as a rock drummer so he set down the groove for my fellows of the workshop at the Jakarta Academy when we played at that pop festival. I see that he continues (he should! being so much younger than I).

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  1. Yasudah S.

    Having an improvisation with Philip Corner, Phoebe Neville and Susana Miranti Kroeber in Solo City, 1997 was a great experience.

    To live normally in my country with “Explorative and-or Contemporary Music” is really difficult…

    But Philip Corner as a Great Composer still keeps and bears mutual respect for our creativity, since that time…
    (With tape recorder these parts were recorded – as just-for-us – documentation of our whole wonderful experience – some weeks. It’s really some thing special from Philip and also Phoebe. Thank you very much! To Panyrosas Discos too.)

    Warmest regards also to Mbak Restu and Mas Jalu

    From Solo City, Indonesia,
    Yasudah S.
    and also Susana

    PS: Hopefully everything goes as the plan and we could meet in Europe 2013.
    Meanwhile ‘cio’ also:,,, …

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