pyr093 chicago modern orchestra project – nappy hair’s best friend


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[mp3-jplayer tracks=”kitchen burning@’s%20best%20friend%20-%20kitchen%20burning.mp3, slick back beads@’s%20best%20friend%20-%20slick%20back%20bead.mp3″]

renée baker’s chicago modern orchestra project
recorded live at lakeside inn, lakeside michigan in september of 2012
recording engineer: william porter
producer: renée baker
conduction/comprovisations: renée baker

musicians of chicago modern orchestra project:
renée baker composer/director; avreeayl ra, percussion; dan godston, trumpet, toys; katherine rodriguez, trombone; steve berrry, trombone; ben lamar. trumpet; shaun johnson, trumpet; karl eh seigfried, bass; sam williams, violin; phyllis sanders, violin; william porter, cello; bruce nelson, vibes; greg blackburn, flute; elizabeth diaz, flute; todd matthews, violin; robert fisher, viola


Miro London Blu Space Key

01. kitchen burning 02. slick back beads

* Deborah’s Place is Chicago’s largest provider of supportive housing for single women experiencing homelessness. We open doors to housing, healing, and hope.

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  2. Jorge

    Que alegría que el intelecto se desarrolle y divierta en estas obras de vida. En el arte de la música.

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