pyr118 reid karris – ambiens sonitus

Ambiens Sonitus (art)

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the terms music and sound are often interchanged but is there a difference? the obvious answer would be that music needs to be musical or created using a musical instrument. however, sounds surround us at all times and all sound is in its own way music. a duet of bird song and freight train is just as much a spontaneous composition as two musicians improvising together. this album sought to bring together a variety of sounds ranging from man made to those in nature.

mirror sounds. you are coming, going. stretch ready made. markarian birdsong. bowed waves. schumann resonance voicings skittering in a sphere of air.

all music performed and recorded by reid karris
-prepared guitar
-drums & percussion
-manipulated field recordings

artwork by emerson karris

reid karris on pyr

01. deinceps 02. aversa pars

Ambiens Sonitus (score)

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