pyr156 lyn goeringer – dolly (for m.a.)

Lyn Goeringer Dolly

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this album is a record of sorts. not a record as in vinyl, but the recording of an event. a moment of transition, of in-between states, of in-between instances. not quite a studio project, and not quite a live performance, this trio of pieces is more like a place marker, one of event making, time keeping, and, in no small way, an offering to a mentor and friend who has long since departed.

aperture is the first in a new series of works that focuses on modular synthesis techniques. leaving the world of programming behind me, this piece proposes a change of method of how i make music, exploring how i can use modular synths to create a more organic approach to making music.

iris is a return of sorts, and yet, a new direction at the same time. this is an improvised piece, using ‘HIDden’ an instrument that i designed and built using the same lights used in street lights to make all of the sounds.

shuffle is an amalgamation of three different techniques: the deliberate use of multi-tracking to layer modular synthesis beating under a highly sculpted recording of streetlights with the third component, where you hear shuffling or scrubbing sounds with undertones of voices, is a field recording of an all star curling match that i was able to attend in banff, canada a few years ago.

these three pieces are much closer to my performed works than my most recent studio release, at waters edge (2013). these were all completed in lansing, mi, in 2015.

thank you for listening. – l.g.

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01. aperture 02. iris 03. shuffle