pyr178 keith helt – lash the nineties


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all music performed by keith helt. guitar. pedals. amplifier. cabinet.

improvised and recorded at home.

track one recorded on november 19, 2014 based on a piece by slant 6
track two recorded on december 13, 2014 based on a piece by the birthday party
track three recorded on december 19, 2014 based on a piece by bikini kill
track four recorded on july 2, 2015 based on a piece by babes in toyland

for christina billotte, marge marshall, myra power, kathleen hanna, billy karren, kathi wilcox, tobi vail, lori barbero, kat bjelland and michelle leon.

release date: march 30, 2016.

keith helt on pyr

01. what kind of monster are you 02. the friend catcher 03. hamster baby 04.dust cake boy