pyr202 lương huệ trinh – illusions


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composed and performed by lương huệ trinh in 2016.



source material: the machine sounds were recorded in one of biggest industrial zones in vietnam. tai tu, a music with origins in the royal ritual music of huế, transformed over time to become a significant form of music in southern vietnam. this type of music was formed at the end of the 19th century and developed by people who left their homeland to settle in the south so the musical character is very sad and slow in order to evoke homesickness, nostalgia and family.

return ii

source material: electronic sounds. a river shanty sung by people working on the huong river, a famous beautiful and romantic river. buddhist chant music in huế, the old capital of vietnam.

release date: november 15, 2016.

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01. illusions 02. return ii