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renée baker’s chicago modern orchestra project is revamping the traditional concert going experience by programming an eclectic genre mix, crossing grooves and roads where least eXpected. taking audiences on genre-bending journeys. CMOP is building bridges between audience members of different backgrounds.

adjusting and transcending global viewpoints through ethnic human experimentation is part of our organizational mission.

as a multicultural woman, i dare to paint another picture. as a person of color, i recognize that we are often dislocated in the flux of a constantly changing paradigm.


chicago modern orchestra project is translating these cultural uncertainties into a distinctly new music pallette and spawning a new orchestral tradition.

foreign or native, one can find identity in the CMOP aesthetic. CMOP is a village of absorbed traditions.

our village is alive with advantages multicultural representation across the globe, all delivered from our own perspective. brought to life by our unique way of seeing all world cultures as significant.

WE are others, black, white…
WE are men , women, sovereign…
WE are danger, taboo, symbolic and pure…
WE embody Otherness
WE occupy a space of privilege in history to define ourselves as artists…
WE reserve the right to reinforce our different-ness and to reconfirm our equality to all other traditions…

CMOP community is the larger representation as well as cross section of the world’s color culture – an all-inclusive music community.

i am AACM – renée baker 2013

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pyr093 – nappy hair’s best friend

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