snorkel quintet

the snorkel quintet is a group of brain improvisers based in barcelona whose members come from argentina, mexico, colombia, venezuela and spain. the line up features the three members of etermortifera – gabriel, martin and diego – plus carlos edelmiro and oscar durán. their laundry list of influences include: sonic youth, bitches brew miles davis, tortoise, roberto bolaño and the 20th century composers – penderecki, ligeti, stockhausen, schoenberg, bryars and coleman. their sounds range from free improvisation, noise compositions and electro-acoustic explorations to motorik kosmische workouts.

albums from pyr
pyr038 – 3

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bestiar 047 el secuestro
discordian records molecular
clinical archives 396 2
surrism-phonoethics 0030 improvisaciones realizadas entre enero-abril 2010 barcelona, españa

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