pan y rosas november show roundup

plastic crimewave related:
11/10 – dj set at the whistler
11/17 – plastic crimewave syndicate at coles with the velcro lewis group
11/30 – thee mighty moonrises at situations

piss piss piss moan moan moan related:
11/8 – running at the hideout, chicago, with cave and tyvek
11/9 running at happy dog, cleveland, with cave and sam goldberg

11/18 – running at the neon marshmallow fest. taking place at the burlington, chicago. amazing lineup. check it here.

julia a. miller:
11/9 – guitar trio with mark hardy, reid karris and Julia Miller improvising on graphic scores.

11/1- somewhere on the university of new haven campus in west haven.
11/3 – the handsome woman, 271 ash street, willimantic, ct. an early show! 6pm. vegan potluck. with sofx, human host, american folklore.