pan y rosas release owczarek caicedo ponsa by the owczarek caicedo ponsa trio


paulina owczarek. saxophonist. improviser. academy of music in krakow, poland. free improvisation. contemporary chamber music. co-founder of radioactive duo with w. krzakiem. member of ocd trio with j. carmona and m. smoke. co-organizer of various contemporary music and free improvisation festivals in wroclaw, london, malaga and krakow.

diego caicedo has been interested in music since he was a child. he began learning guitar when he was thirteen and started studying theory and technique soon after. in 2003 he relocated to barcelona where he began to search for his own voice. every note is now important to the development of his musical language.

enric ponsa. born in 1980. santa perpetua de mogoda (barcelona). grew up surrounded by music and musical instruments. self taught. an adolescence spent home-recording. studied jazz with alex ventura and narcís vidal. is an active member of barcelona’s free jazz scene.

their debut album features six tracks recorded in barcelona in junuary of 2015. saxophone. guitar. drums. touch. tap. pop. roll-rub. finger-run. growl-slap. bit crunch rattle vibration. speak in the shadows. from the corners.

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