Library Experimental with Reversed Bear Trap and Sun Picture – March 16, 2024

Library Experimental is an ongoing series focusing on Chicago’s experimental musicians. It is happening at the Chicago Public Library in Jefferson Park on Saturday, March 16 from 2-4pm, and features Reversed Bear Trap and Sun Picture!

Early! Free! Kid friendly! If the kids are patient!

Jefferson Park library is located at 5363 W Lawrence. Convenient to both bus and blue line.

Reversed Bear Trap is the musical side project of English PhD student Krista Muratore aka Krista Bloom. Krista Muratore is also a video artist, writer and general hooligan.


Sun Picture is the instrumental home studio project of Venezuelan-American musician Carlos Lowenstein.

Using everything from modular synths to live instruments, Sun Picture blends elements of ambient, dub, spiritual jazz, and Latin-American beats. This mix is approached with a restraint suggestive of krautrock’s detached stance.