miguel garcia new release round up!

miguel has two new cd releases. the first is a cdr from the fine people at young girls records in belgium.

MUBLES – el acceso al ser –
5 euros + postage
Drawings: Raul Dominguez
Design: Elena Aitzkoa
Music by Miguel A. Garcia (oscillators, no-input mixer)
Voice & lyrics by Alvaro Matilla
Additional sounds by: Kjetil Hanssen (organ), Pilar Baizan (electronics), Oihana Vicente (voice)

Mubles est un groupe de musique électronique improvisée emmené par le principal activiste de la scène de Bilbao : Miguel A. Garcia qui a, selon Revue & Corrigée, rejoint le club de ces bad boys des musiques électroniques à l’instar des Jean-Philippe Gross, Arnaud Rivière, Alexandre Bellenger … À suivre …” Michel Henritzi, Revue&Corrigée. Il a également sorti des disques à télécharger gratuitement sur les labels Homophony et Zeromoon. get it here.

the second is a collaboration between miguel’s xedh project and jon imbernon and it’s available now from trait media works.

Sound artist Miguel A. García (aka Xedh), no-input mixer and oscillators, and Jon Imbernon, guitar and effects pedal, fuse powerful oscillation fields with discordant guitar to form a work of slow, meticulous chaos.

“Metaphysical inflections in the crest of the forgot. The sound of thunder. Anekkyy is the landscape of America, swallowed by our souls. The vacuum in the rocks, the silences in the last waterfall, the magma overwhelming when they hatch the eagles, the loneliness of man-made desert. Collaboration between the Basque Country based musicians Miguel A. Garcia-Xedh ( Valvula Antirretorno, Mubles ) and Jon Imbernon ( Ximel, Ura ), their encounters are always collisions of love and violence in the path of the desired ignorance. Anekkyy is its first long, designed to widen the time and to know what they don’t want to. The gift more unwanted.” ( text by Alejandro Durán )

get it here.