pan y rosas live shows roundup!

hey everyone here’s some upcoming shows featuring yr favorite pyr artistes!

sky thing:

july 10 – with justin clifford rhody and his 35mm slideshow and john bellows. at the awesomely named debbie’s palace of noise and laundry. 945 e morris, fountain square, indianapolis.

miguel garcía:
july 6-7 – zarata fest 2012. at l’mono (andrés isasi 8, 2d, bilbao. the lineup from miguel:

piss piss piss moan moan moan
july 4. the last show at enemy chicago. ever! 8pm. nautical almanac, pppmmm plus j soliday. quicksails. columba fasciata. vertonen.

what? you want more miguel garcia? done!

bajar música just released bulbul tarang, a free improvisation that miguel performed during his september 2011 visit to washington dc. from the description:

…this time on a different way. Bulbul Tarang is a solo improvisation, spontaneous and quite carefree. It is shy at the beginning, but inmediately takes an determined, insistent and hipnotic way.

seriously, you should get it. here.

new release from miguel garcia

the super prolific miguel garcia has a new album out from the folks at radio ruido. check it out here.

the cryptic description:

contact and connection
no previous map
the paths of electrons
magnets re: act

hard shell unhinged
on audio within
tables rumble
off the roof again

memories in boxes
a tangled exchange
micrometer and mile
resonate our aims

first memory :::::::::: second memory :::::::::: third memory

. . .



tzesne > mastering
raúl dominguez > graphics
eskerrik asko / hvala / gracias / thanks

miguel garcia, en vivo!

miguel garcia is playing in a duo with fellow free noise improviser loty negarti at the kripta sala/amalgama space in donostia on saturday december 3.


DONOSTI, 20.00
(tocar con garbo en el escaparate, la puerta se cierra a las 20:30),
entrada 3 euros, aforo limitado,

new (sort of) cassette from miguel garcia

the barcelona based tape label, marbre negre recently released a split release from miguel garcia (xedh), niebla fascista and grassa dato. it’s called sententia oculum and it’s limited to 30 copies.

their description:

9 songs between noise and power electronics styles. Limited edition 30 copies cassette in an envelope with a card inlay. Split release of three of the most relevant noise/power electronics bands in the spanish scene.

Price: 6€ + 1,50€ shipping.
get it here: marbre negre

miguel garcia new release round up!

miguel has two new cd releases. the first is a cdr from the fine people at young girls records in belgium.

MUBLES – el acceso al ser –
5 euros + postage
Drawings: Raul Dominguez
Design: Elena Aitzkoa
Music by Miguel A. Garcia (oscillators, no-input mixer)
Voice & lyrics by Alvaro Matilla
Additional sounds by: Kjetil Hanssen (organ), Pilar Baizan (electronics), Oihana Vicente (voice)

Mubles est un groupe de musique électronique improvisée emmené par le principal activiste de la scène de Bilbao : Miguel A. Garcia qui a, selon Revue & Corrigée, rejoint le club de ces bad boys des musiques électroniques à l’instar des Jean-Philippe Gross, Arnaud Rivière, Alexandre Bellenger … À suivre …” Michel Henritzi, Revue&Corrigée. Il a également sorti des disques à télécharger gratuitement sur les labels Homophony et Zeromoon. get it here.

the second is a collaboration between miguel’s xedh project and jon imbernon and it’s available now from trait media works.

Sound artist Miguel A. García (aka Xedh), no-input mixer and oscillators, and Jon Imbernon, guitar and effects pedal, fuse powerful oscillation fields with discordant guitar to form a work of slow, meticulous chaos.

“Metaphysical inflections in the crest of the forgot. The sound of thunder. Anekkyy is the landscape of America, swallowed by our souls. The vacuum in the rocks, the silences in the last waterfall, the magma overwhelming when they hatch the eagles, the loneliness of man-made desert. Collaboration between the Basque Country based musicians Miguel A. Garcia-Xedh ( Valvula Antirretorno, Mubles ) and Jon Imbernon ( Ximel, Ura ), their encounters are always collisions of love and violence in the path of the desired ignorance. Anekkyy is its first long, designed to widen the time and to know what they don’t want to. The gift more unwanted.” ( text by Alejandro Durán )

get it here.

miguel garcia live at issue project room, brooklyn!

miguel garcía will be making a rare us appearance when he plays the issue project room in brooklyn on september 25th, 2011. he is playing as part of the share series with improvisor/composer david kirby, from atlanta, ga. the show starts at 9.30pm. issue project room is at 232 3rd St. (at 3rd Ave), 3rd Flr, Brooklyn, NYC.

David Kirby

David Kirby is an Atlanta-based composer and improvisor, performing using magnetic recording devices such as 4-track cassette recorders, hand-held tape recorders, and vintage reel-to-reels. He also curates Homophoni, a netlabel with a focus on electroacoustic composition and improvisation. Kirby’s recorded output spans the past 10 years, and includes monolithic improvisations such as his 6-hour ‘Opus’ (2010), carefully constructed sound collages such as ‘Maximalism’ (2005) and ‘Four Pieces’ (2007), and is featured on releases from Students of Decay, dollfullofrivets, Hymns, onetirednumber, and Pseudo Arcana, with forthcoming releases on Ilse and Copy For Your Records.”

Miguel A. Garía (also known as XEDH)

Basque artist Miguel A. García (also known as XEDH ) focuses on sound and its formal organisation, just between improvisation and electro-acoustic composition. His concerts put on show a combination of electronic sounds, field recordings and “real” instruments, aiming to get an intimate, immersive and intense experience, that is always considerate with the audience.
Miguel A. García studied Fine Arts and Audiovisual Technology. He is also involved in projects like Mubles, Baba Llaga or Válvula Antirretorno. Besides his considerable production of CDs (in labels like Zeromoon, Homophoni or White Line) and numerous live performances in Spain (Museo Vostell, Arteleku, MACUF, Museum Chillida-Leku, Guggenheim Bilbao, Tabacalera, etc.) he has performed in the United States, Norway, Poland, Portugal and France. Since 2006 he has managed and directed the Zarata-Fest Festival in Bilbao, and owns two netlabels (Larraskito and Doministiku).

Share – Hosting Open Jams Every Sunday

what is share?

Share is an open jam, not just for digirati, but for all new culture lovers. Participants bring their portable equipment, plug into our system, improvise on each others’ signal and perform live audio and video. We furnish the amplification and projection. Share happens every Sunday in New York City at the Issue Project Room, The (OA) Can Factory, 232 3rd Street, 3rd Floor, Brooklyn from 8 to Midnight.

miguel garcia’s busy upcoming schedule!

Miguel A. García @ Vibra, cicle d’art sonor i música experimental > 14.01.11, l’Octubre Centre de Cultura Contemporània (OCCC), Valencia

Vibra, cicle d’art sonor i música experimental
14.01.2011 |
Miguel Ángel García

Miguel A. García @ Centro de Cultura Antiguo Instituto de Gijón (CCAI), Gijón > 12-01-11, 19:00

free improv meetings: alexander bruck + miguel a. garcía + malin astner + artur vidal @ 7-1-11+8-1-11, madrid

Viernes 7 de enero 21h

La tabacalera (Molino Rojo) Organizado por Mas uno en escena
Calle Embajadores 53 Madrid (España)
Metro y cercanías: Embajadores

Sabado 8 de enero 21h

Espacio Menosuno
Calle la Palma 28 Madrid (Espana)
Metro Tribunal