alex morales (catholic witches, pppmmm, etc.) – pre-emptive best of 2014!

here at pan y rosas – we look to the future (or run late, depending on yr perspective). so instead of an end of year best of list. we do a pre-emptive best of list. a list of things that we are looking forward to for the coming year. starting us off this time around is alex morales!

(he’s the one on the left)

pete swanson – punk authority
tyger hatchery – sun worship
toupee – diner party
heavy times – fix it alone
twin peaks – sunken
ono – albino
cave – threace
guerrilla toss – gay disco
oozing wound – retrash
sharkula – the black he-mankula

preemptive best of 2012!

hey everyone. pan y rosas was late to the traditional end of the year best of list party, so instead here are some things that pyr artists are looking forward to in 2012!

first up: alejandro morales, aka morales phallus, of piss piss piss moan moan moan, running, catholic witches.

that's alex on the left

toupee – all their live shows, like siouxsie singing for sonic youth circa bad moon rising
new disappears record
pussy galore’s second reunion (after dec 23 2011 nyc at maxwells)
black bananas – rad times express
heavy times – jacker (-2011 leftover)
atomic suplex – on in the red records
running – asshole savant ep on captcha records (april 2012)
moonrises tape on priority male tapes
2CE doses
vehicle blues – all of his tapes!
black dice – mr. impossible lp