pan y rosas release whole body by kirill shirokov!

kirill shirokov is a russian composer, improviser, poet and pianist. he continuously collaborates with different writers, artists and performers.

the whole body consists of two pieces performed on an upright piano in a room not prepared for studio recording or concerts. keys, strings and other parts of the piano created with the pianist’s fingers, hands, legs. without hierarchy. various possibilities. different properties. an exploration with spontaneous movement. this is one possible version of the whole.

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pan y rosas release self-land’s stains ii by kirill shirokov


kirill shirokov (born in 1990) is a russian composer, improviser, poet and pianist. he studied at the p.i. tchaikovsky conservatory in moscow where he studied under vladimir tarnopolski. outside of the conservatory he has studied with a variety of composers including antoine beuger and radu malfatti of the wandelweiser collective.

kirill composed self-land’s stains ii in 2013. it has been performed only once and this album is a document of that performance. it was performed by the guitarist, denis sorokin in 2016. the sound is time and silence.

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pan y rosas release florenski septets by antoine beuger!


antoine beuger is a composer and organizer born in the netherlands. one element of his work is the sound in between what’s played. space. musicality of mundane actions. everyday-ness. listen throughout your waking hours. experience. he is part of wandelweiser – which is both a performer/composer collective and a record label.

his first album for pan y rosas is florenski septets a piece for seven instruments that was performed in st. petersburg, russia on april 6, 2013. the piece was performed by: yuri akbalkan, ilia belorukov, stanislav oporkov, marina poleukhina, kirill shirokov, denis sorokin and alexey sysoev. long single tones. silence. mesh and unmesh. listen carefully.

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