pan y rosas artists on vuzh music’s notable releases of 2016

primal spirits by morten rasz, illusions by luong hue trinh, la corporación by amanda irarrazabal, cecilia lópez and cecilia quinteros, and callus / redux by asha tamirisa, all on vuzh music’s notable releases of 2016!

Hello, again, I’m C. Reider. I release most of my own music for free on the internet, and I listen to a lot of music by people who do the same. This is a list of free-to-download releases fro…

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pan y rosas release primal spirits by morten rasz!

primalspirits front

morten rasz is a project of the lithuanian artist martinas rakshtinas. music does him for a living.

his second album for pan y rosas deals with improvisations with micro sound waves/blocks. the first and second pieces are monophonic, but deal first with drone/low/rhythm and second with melodic movement. the third piece consists of three improvisations overlayed in real time.

get the album here!