pan y rosas release no-brain improv by vavabond!


vavabond is a project of the lap top improviser and noise player, wei wei. she was initially interested with large volume noise made by max/msp, but her current interests focus on free improvised synthesis and processed signals. with insect buzz and electromagnetic hiss as her main inspiration, she explores the themes of time and existence. she works with time-based practice; mechanical and meaningless drones and clicks; and improvisational structures – especially improvisations made with the environment.

no-brain improv is vavabond’s attempt to practice what the writer, yumeno kyusaku, wrote about in his novel, dogura magura.

brain is not the place where thinking comes out. brain is a protein solid without nerve or sense. our spirit or living consciousness rests in each corner of our body.

for this project wei wei developed the rules: do not use the brain during creation/performance. abandon all concepts, aesthetics, logic, thoughts, judgments, conscious decisions. let body and instinct do the job.

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