eric es’ preemptive best of 2012!

hey everyone. pan y rosas was late to the traditional end of the year best of list party, so instead here are some things that pyr artists are looking forward to in 2012!

next up: eric es, aka [room]

1) The release — finally — of Dali’s Car’s Ingladaloneness. Mick Karn — a fine bassist and composer — may yet receive posthumously a renewed interest in his work.

2) That the Occupy Movement will become a real political movement. I hope even more that this movement will recognize that wishful thinking about Democratic presidents will never translate into real change. Actual change will require that the movement persevere and continue to agitate after the 2012 elections.

3) Can I look forward to something for myself? I would love to find the time away from my professional life and for the inspiration that has since gone latent to finally finish up my various projects that ought to be on the PyR website (and perhaps others).

4) I’m still holding out hope for a Rories revamp (let’s not call it reunion) too!

5) As this list is becoming ever more steeped in fantasy, I will end it here.

pan y rosas release [ROOM] – discography


the newest of the new is that [room] just allowed pyr discos to release its entire discography! how righteous is that! two full length albums that will blow yr mind and make ya learn something. bend spindle mutilate repeat is more electro acoustic industrial in the vein of still life still. spaces finds [room] rocking a guitar as the primary ingredient. download both albums now!

pan y rosas release [ROOM] – still life still


say hello to the newest member of the pan y rosas family. [room] is eric es’ (bass player of the rories) solo project. industrial, political pro labor music for the worker! and everyone else too! we are excited to present [room]’s four song ep, still life still. check it out.