interview with renée baker!

by Maggie MolloyChicago-based composer Renée Baker knows no creative boundaries—or rather, she just prefers to transcend them. Her music quite literally jumps off the page, often foregoing traditional Western sheet music in favor of graphic scores, improvisation, and even conduction.As a violini

Source: Women in (New) Music: Q&A with Renée Baker | SECOND INVERSION

pan y rosas release siconauta tourist class by dioxadol borges!


dioxadol borges is an uruguayan composer born in montevideo, well known in the montevideo underground. he doesn’t perform live and his true identity is unknown. some believe that he is a pianist frustrated with the national orchestra who is believed to have disappeared in 2005.

siconauta tourist class is his first album for pan y rosas. everything is brief. everything is instrumental. fanfare. music for imaginary bass. kitchen sink. beats. marches. synth plucks. block rocks. acid arpeggio. digital brass.

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pan y rosas release less than human by cp!


cp is a composer, musician, and artist working within the minimum in experimental electronic music. they create custom software in max/msp, integrating chance and silence in unique, minimal systems. they collaborate frequently with asha tamirisa in duo situations and also performs as 1/4 of the electro-improv quartet BUMPR (peter bussigel, stephan moore, tim rovinelli). additionally cp is a founding member of OPENSIGNAL, a providence-based artist collective focusing on the representation of gender and race within experimental electronic music.

their first album for pan y rosas is a brief album of drones that cp composed and mixed in los angeles, london and providence. they suggest –

play at full volume,
with good speakers
in a nice room.

no head/earphones please (sound needs space).

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pan y rosas release home molasses by renée baker’s awakening!


renée baker’s chicago modern orchestra project is revamping the traditional concert going experience by programming an eclectic genre mix, crossing grooves and roads where least expected. they look to build bridges between audience members of different backgrounds. part of their organizational mission is to adjust and transcend global viewpoints through ethnic human experimentation. to this end they seek out unusual and completely innovative scores from every genre of music – focusing on living composers.

home molasses consists of two comprovisations by renée baker that were performed and interpreted by awakening – a small ensemble offshoot of the chicago modern orchestra project. the pieces were presented as part of the fifth articular facet series in october of 2013. the sound is: joy.

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pan y rosas releases early works by brice catherin!


brice catherin is a composer, cellist, electronicist, performance artist and improviser based in france. he has participated in the festivals: de la bâtie (geneva, 2008, 2010 and 2011); akouphène (geneva, 2005 to 2010); angoulême (2008); archipel (geneva, 2008); la cité (lausanne, 2005); etc. amongst many others, catherin is influenced by jean-luc godard and karlheinz stockhausen.

his third album for pan y rosas is a collection of performances of a few of his early pieces that were recorded in 2010-2011. pieces for – percussion; solo saxophone; voice cello saxophone percussion ensemble; bassoon and orchestra. secret tributes to galina ustvolskaya, heinz holliger and elliot carter.

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live video documentation of marina poleukhina’s in its own tempo!

live video documentation of the premiere of marina poleukhina’s in its own tempo!

performed by looptail –

Violin – Jellantsje de Vries
Flute – Klaasje Nieuwhof
Clarinet – Anna voor de Wind
Cello – Hugo Smit
Piano – Pascal Meyer
Percussion – Rachel Xi Zhang