kind words for electro parables / electro parábalas by volcano radar!

Volcano Radar was formed back in 2012 when Chicago-based guitarist, composer, eductor and poet Julia Miller found musical chemistry with a multi-instrumentalist and composer from Uruguay, Elbio Barilari. Two very outward thinking musicians who came together from decidedly different backgrounds to exploit some common ground in the playground of experimental, noisy electro-jazz. Refutation of Time (2013) was the first product

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Source: Volcano Radar – Electro Parables/Electro Parábalas (2016) | Something Else!

pan y rosas release electro parables / electro parábolas by volcano radar duo!


uruguayan born multi-instrumentalist and composer elbio barilari and american guitarist and composer julia miller played together for the first time in 2012, and they made their first public appearance as volcano radar at the empty bottle shortly after. the soundscapes of this very active quartet have been described as: noise-funk, post-jazz, avant-rock, improvised experimental music, jazz-electronica and neo-psychedelia.

these improvised pieces (recorded in chicago in october of 2015) are their first studio recordings as a duo and their second release for pan y rosas. three tracks. synthesized guitar, electric guitar, cornet, flugelhorn, pocket trumpet, electric viola, soprano sax, electronics. solitude. memories. albatross.

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julia a. miller, live!

julia miller will be performing as part of articular facet on february 4. 7pm at prop theater, chicago. a description…

Bracken (after Christian Wolff) by Nicolas Collins, 2014
Bracken adapts the language of circuits and software for interpretation by any instrument. A computer generates and projects a live streaming score that that directs the payers to interact with one another following rules derived from binary logic and various methods of analog and digital signal processing. Articular Facet first performed Bracken for the Chicago Composers’ Consortium in 2014.

Sam Bradshaw, contrabass
Mark Hardy, electronics
Deirdre Harrison, voice and objects
Ed Herrmann, skatchbox
Jeff Kowalkowski, Nord
Julia Miller, electric guitars
Kg Price, percussion
William Jason Raynovich, cello
Sid Samberg, viola and piano
Kimberley Sutton, cello
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also being performed is mark hardy’s the hound music based on (the ever problematic) h.p. lovecraft’s the hound! the event is part of the 2015 rhinoceros theater festival.